Rigging Set LD1


LD1 Rigging Winch System is a trunk mounted Winch & Friction device for tree rigging, lifting and lowering operations.

Having the ability to lift a large branch, stem, or to pre-tension loads with the winch the operator can drastically reduce the dynamic shock-loading on the rigging system and anchor points that can be generated during tree removal rigging operations.

The versatile ArbPro LD1 has a compact steel frame

The base mount is interchangeable with the lowering friction bollard and a the powerful Harken lifting winch. 

A Spinlock XTS one-way rope clutch that can hold the rope & load locked off. Very handy for changing positions or taking off wraps. 

Rubber feet allow the installation of trees to be retained for restoration work. 

The Harken 2 speed self-tailing winch is equipped with two ratios (40:1 and 13,5:1) for optimal lifting power and speed control.

The ArbPro Rigging Winch is CE marked.

The set comes complete with a steel tube of 100 mm diameter with four guides. It allows to adjust the number of turns on the cylinder every 1/4 of a turn. 

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