Rigging Set LD2


LD2 Rigging Winch System is a trunk mounted Winch & Friction device for tree rigging, lifting and lowering operations.

Having the ability to lift a large branch, stem, or to pre-tension loads with the winch the operator can drastically reduce the dynamic shock-loading on the rigging system and anchor points that can be generated during tree removal rigging operations.

The versatile ArbPro LD2 has a super- strong anodized aluminium base mount assembled with high strength steel bolts. No welds!. The base mount is interchangeable with the lowering friction bollard and a the powerful Harken lifting winch.

A Spinlock XCS one-way rope clutch that can hold the rope & load locked off. Very handy for changing positions, taking off wraps, or even swapping the winch out for the friction bollard. . Rubber feet allow the installation of trees to be retained for restoration work.

The Harken 2 speed self-tailing winch is equipped with two ratios (44:1 and 13,5:1) for optimal lifting power and speed control. 

The ArbPro Rigging Winch is CE marked. The set comes complete with heat sink aluminum tube of 150 mm diameter with four guides. It allows to adjust the number of turns on the cylinder every 1/4 of a turn. The large diameter offers a considerable contact surface with the rope, reducing the number of turns necessary to control the descent and considerably improving the sensitivity of friction.

The aluminum also, in comparison with steel, is a better conductor of heat.

In practice heats up quickly, but also cools very quickly to reduce rope glazing. 

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