Imbracatura bassa specificamente studiata per il lavoro sugli alberi.


Excellent level of climber comfort thanks to a large, fitted back pad, with two straps placed on different levels. This effectively relieves pressure on the back by spreading the load over a wider surface area. Multiple gear loops and a central slot for the connection and the transport of heavy equipment (large chainsaws for example) without causing lateral unbalance. TreeAccess is extremely versatile thanks to the presence of both a sliding ring on a webbing bridge and a fixed ventral attachment point. The bridge is anchored to the legs by steel shackles. Its compact low position offers excellent level of comfort when the operator is in suspension. The tendency of the harness to ride up is also greatly reduced. The balance point of the harness is fully adjustable thanks to a simple but very ingenious and effective: two side straps with adjustable buckle, allow you to adjust in a very precise positioning of the center of gravity.The fixed front panel is made by means of two separate slots textiles. This allows attachment of an optional chest harness (and therefore obtain a full body harness to EN361), while leaving useful space for housing a connector. The chest harness is optional with anti fall sternal and dorsal attachment.In front of the belt are two quick couplings for quick connection of the rigid seat option. This is particularly convenient in work where it requires prolonged suspension in mid-air, such as when doing a cabling installation.

Two sizes available:

Size 1 S-L is 80-120cm(31-47”) waist and 50-65cm(19.5-25.5”) thigh.  

Size 2 L-XXL is 90-140cm (35.5-55”) waist and 60-75cm (23.5-29.5”) thigh.


EN358, EN813, EN361 (in combination with Chest Harness).

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